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Upgrading the tyGraph Pages Engine

We release new versions of the tyGraph Pages Engine regularly to capture new types of telemetry, adapt to changes in Microsoft 365, and to address issues.

Acquiring the latest version

Download the latest version of the engine tyGraphPagesEngine.sppkg.

Install tyGraph Pages as a SharePoint App

Open your SharePoint App Catalog.  If you don't know the URL to your App Catalog, follow the steps below.  These steps require you to have the SharePoint Administrator role.

  1.  Go to the Microsoft 365 admin centerand open the SharePoint admin center.
    1. Click “Show all”.
    2. Click “SharePoint”.
  2. Open Apps.
    1. Click “More features”.
    2. Under Apps, click “Open”.
  3. Open the App Catalog.
  4. Click “Apps for SharePoint”.
    1. Pre-release customer note: If you have any apps installed listed as "tyGraph Pages Collector" or "tyGraphApplicationInsights", please delete them using the steps below:
    2. Remove any previously installed “tyGraph Pages Collector” by selecting “tyGraphPagesEngine”.
    3. Click “More”.
    4. Click “Delete”.
  5. Click “Upload”.
    1. Click “Choose Files” and select “tyGraphPagesEngine.sppkg” that you downloaded previously.
    2. Click “OK”.
  6. Select “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” and then click “Deploy”.
  7. Ensure the file is checked-in so that additional updates can be made in the future by selecting “tyGraphPagesEngine”.
    1. Click “More”.
    2. Click “Advanced”.
    3. Click “Check in”.
    4. Ensure “Retain your check out after checking in?” is set to “No”.
    5. Click “Ok”

Validating the tyGraph Pages Engine version

The tyGraph Pages Engine has two version numbers:

  • Package Version
  • Logger Version

The package version can be confirmed in the SharePoint App Catalog.  Find the tyGraph Pages Engine package and confirm the App Version has the expected version number.

Validating the logger version will confirm the tyGraph Pages Engine is collecting data on your SharePoint sites. To confirm the version, open a web browser and visit any SharePoint modern page.  The logger version can be confirmed using the browsers's developer console.

  1. In Google Chrome or Chrome-based versions of Microsoft Edge, click on the "..." button in the top right corner.
  2. Click "More Tools" then "Developer Tools"
  3. Click on the "Console" tab
  4. Look for the text "tyGraph Pages Engine:"

Confirm the date stamp next to the text "tyGraph Pages Engine" and compare it to the expected version.