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How to Replace a Custom Yammer App

  1. Log in to Yammer using a Verified Admin service account.
  2. Switch the UI to disable the "New Yammer" experience for now.
  3. Navigate to the Yammer Client Applications UI.
  4. Click "Register New App".
  5. Fill out the form as follows:
    • Application Name: tyGraph(YOUR ORG NAME HERE)
    • Organization: UnlimitedViz
    • Support e-mail:
    • Website:
    • Redirect URI:
  6. Record the Client ID and Client Secret from this page to send to use in configuration.
  7. Open a new browser tab and navigate to the following URL (after replacing the appropriate section with the Client ID you have just recorded).
  8. Click the "Allow" button on the consent page that appears.
  9. You will be redirected back to the Yammer home page. Your browser's URL bar will now have a "code" value. Copy this value down for use in the next steps.
  10. Open a new browser tab and navigate to the following URL (after replacing the appropriate sections with the Yammer Client ID, Client Secret, and the Code value that was just retrieved).
  11. The browser window will open a JSON file containing information about your Yammer network. Record the "network_id", "network_permalink", and "token" values to use in configuration.  
  12. Open the Admin Console folder in your tyGraph Deployment package.
  13. Locate the tyGraph365.AdminClientWinform Application file and run it (run as an administrator if possible).
  14. Enter your SQL connection details in the "Connect to tyGraph" section and click "Go".
  15. Expand the "Configuration" section and click the "Yammer Network" section.
  16. Paste in the "Client ID", "Client Secret", "network_id", "network_permalink", and "token" values that you copied earlier, and click the "Test" button.
  17. Once you have tested the configuration, click the "Apply" button.