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Managing Users in tyGraph Online


In this article, we explain everything you’d ever want to know about managing "who can see what" in tyGraph Online. Feel free to check out the companion video guide for this article if you prefer that format.


What is tyGraph Online?

tyGraph Online ( is our web application that lets us deliver your tyGraph reports without the hassle of Power BI licensing or release management.

tyGraph Online licensing will be part of your agreement when you purchase our tool. If you login without licencing or approval from your organization then you will be re-directed to our identical sales portal: tyGraph "Test Drive".

However, if you know your organization has reports in tyGraph Online that you Administrate, then you’re ready to follow along as we show you how to manage the users who can see your reports.

How do I know I’m a report Admin?

You will see a blue "Manage Access" button on the top corner of the menu. This will appear for each report you have selected. So if you administrate three reports but are only an Admin for tyGraph for Teams, then the blue box will only appear when you have selected the tyGraph for Teams report.

I’ve selected tyGraph for Teams and I’m an Admin of that report, so the “Manage Access Button” is showing.

What is the difference between an "Admin" and "Member"?

Admins can add other users so that they can see the report. Members are the users who can see the report. This has nothing to do with security roles. For example: Some companies will deploy tyGraph for Yammer reports that only show users groups that they administrate in Yammer. This Admin/Member status has nothing to do with that.

Adding and Removing Users

How do I allow users to see a tyGraph Online Report?

  1. Select report
  2. Select Manage Access
  3. Add user’s email
  4. Click Add
  5. Select access level as either Admin or Member
    1. Admins will have the same ability as you to add and remove users, including you!
    2. Members can view the reports but will not get the Manage Access feature for that report
  6. Click save
  7. Return to the page by clicking the tyGraph Online Logo.


I want my whole organization to see this report. How do I make this report available tenant wide?

Often a team of community managers will want to share a report with the whole company. Perhaps the data is summarized or is secured by a role which prevents you from seeing all groups for example. In which case you can:

  1. Select your report
  2. Select Manage Access
  3.  Switch “Global Access” toggle to On
  4. Click save.
  5. Return to page by clicking the tyGraph Online Logo.

How does Import CSV work?

Import CSV allows you to add large lists of users quickly.

  1. Navigate to report you’d like to edit
  2. Click Manage Access
  3. Create a csv with the member email address in column A and the access role that you would like them to have (“Admin” or “Member”) in column B.
  4. Save the csv as any name you like
  5. Click “Import CSV”
  6. Select file.
  7. Click open
    1. List will import and render in user list
  8. Click Save to save changes.


How do I remove a single user?

  1. Navigate to your report and “Manage Access”
  2. Select the X symbol next to the user you’d like to remove.
  3. Click save

Can I remove users in bulk?

If you would like to make large swaps you can remove everyone and start over easily.

  1. Select your report and manage access as usual.
  2. Click remove all
  3. Add your login
  4. Click add
  5. Make yourself an Admin again.
  6. Add other users by csv if necessary
  7. Click save.

What happens if I hit “Remove All” and click save without adding anyone?

We all know you were thinking it. If you do this, you will get the “Something went wrong” screen as a reward for your silly choice. Simply Sign out of tyGraph Online and re-sign in. tyGraph Online will not have completed your request. This is because there will always be at least one admin for a report.

If you believe yourself to be the rightful Admin of a report and are not currently, either have a colleague re-add you, or make your claim to the admin throne by reaching out to our support team at (