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Can be found in the tyGraph for Yammer Dec 2019 report update. This shows interactions between users across groups between users where the size of a users dot is their influencer score and the strength of the bond is the number of interactions they’ve had with each other. A user interaction is a like, mention, or message. There are three general scenarios you should look for within a group. They are bottlenecks, gatekeepers (intentional or unintentional), and un-tapped knowledge groups. Bottlenecking can be spotted by tons of interactions between two users in a group that have separate communities. This can degenerate the value of the group because those two users dominate the conversation without involving others. Gatekeeping is similar but when a user is the only connection to a community of users and therefore controls all interactions which must flow through them. Untapped knowledge communities are when clusters of users are having conversations without having any connection to the rest of the organization. These users are good first targets for actively connecting them to new groups or other users in the company through Yammer. This can be taken a step further when you begin to filter this visual by a Business Unit, Division, or other organizational units that may not communiate in other tools.