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Thread Impact & Thread Impact KPI in tyGraph for Yammer

Thread Impact:

In 2019 our customers averaged 4.4 thousand conversations in Yammer a day. With that kind of volume you need a way to quickly identify high-value conversations with a series of outcomes in mind:

  • Understanding your community’s interests.
  • Discovering examples of collaboration.
  • Identifying the markers of successful posts.

This article will explore how Thread Impact is calculated and expand on common use scenarios.


The Yammer Thread Impact Score for a particular thread is a value which combines Thread Responses, Likes, Seen by and Message Contributors into a blended score.

Here is the formula for calculating this score:  ((Thread Responses + Likes + Seen by) * Number of unique Message Contributors) / 100.

Where to find it

The Thread Impact Score is featured prominently on the Community Activity Page in tyGraph for Yammer. Feel free to follow along in your reports or trial our tool which you can install from Microsoft AppSource.

Thread Impact KPI:

This is a Key Performance Indicator for discovering the most impactful message threads based on community average. According to the score, we can rank the threads and assign indicators: stars (ranked highest in the community), circles (above average in the community) and no signs (low score). We can find this score along with the Thread Impact Score on the Community Activity Page in tyGraph for Yammer.

Calculation of Thread Impact KPI:

The Yammer Thread Impact KPI Score for a certain community is dependent on the value of average thread impact score for all threads in that community and the value of thread impacts for each thread in that community. Here is the formula for calculating this KPI:  

Communities Avg. Thread Impact = AVERAGE(Thread Impact scores for all threads in the community)

Thread Impact =  ((Thread Responses + Likes + Seen by) * Number of unique Message Contributors) / 100

Thread Impact KPI = Thread Impact / Communities Avg. Thread Impact

Usage Scenarios

As listed above these scores are often used for discovering or highlighting successful threads. Before we explain those scenarios also know that the Thread Impact Visual can also be used to rank by the other attributes just by clicking on the column header.

For example, if you are asked for the most liked conversation in "Insider International" simply:

  1. Search for community name in community name filter “Insider International”
  2. Select community
  3. Sort by Likes by clicking on column header

Understanding your community’s interests

Thread impact and Thread Impact KPI are great for understanding the subject of a particular community beyond just the name. By scanning the first 50 characters of top conversations you can identify how users are working, what the major discussions are about, and navigate straight to those conversations to read them naively in Yammer.

In the above example, I can see members were recently using this community for all communications around a Microsoft Event. In this case, they planned transportation, discussed sessions, and shared in the excitement of the event.

Discovering examples of collaboration

"When did this campaign happen?", "wow, look at the great discussion here!" are common reactions we hear on this page and for good reason. With the thread impact table your team will inevitably come across massive conversations in your network that went unnoticed or had an unrealized scope.

The Thread Impact Score and it's KPI will highlight those conversations you could have missed and give you a chance to celebrate that initiative with your organization.

Identifying markers of successful posts

Say you’re about to launch a campaign or make an announcement, but you want to be sure you’re crafting the best possible message. You have involved your best Influencers and chosen the best time to post.

The last thing communications teams will do is analyze the top 3-5 most impactful conversations and make a judgement about why they were so effective. By selecting each of these threads in the report you may notice that conversations with a certain topic (aka Hashtag) or documents attached are more effective or those involved a lot of likes and participants.


The Thread Impact and Thread Impact KPI score are a great way to discover and highlight those conversations that are driving collaboration in your communities. Using the scores you can quickly understand what is popular in your communities and use that to better engage your audience in Yammer.