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The tyGraph for Viva Engage Influencer Score

A user can have a great deal of engagement in Yammer, but we know that activity is not indicative of influence. We created the tyGraph Influencer Score to highlight those Yammer users who are not only contributing to your network but have others responding to them, engaging others in collaboration.

Common Uses for the Influencer Score

Often customers want to identify the best user to promote content, engage a certain audience, or lead a Yammer group. This score takes the guesswork out of the process and can be easily honed to a number of areas in the business like a department, Yammer group, or country.

In this article, we’ll cover two scenarios:

  • Best user to post, share, or promote content.
  • Best leaders for new or merged Yammer groups.

Highlighting the best user to post, share, or promote content. – 0:54

If you have a target audience in the company and want to make sure your message lands, it can be helpful to have a colleague post or share that message to gain better traction.

The steps we will follow is as simple as:

  1. Navigate to the Recent Activity page
  2. Select our target audience
  3. Identify Influencer

In this example: say we have new customer service guidelines packaged in a pdf document. We posted to Yammer and found that our article gained good traction across the organization except with our developers. To solve this, we want to share our original post, but target our message to developers in our company.

We may even know the groups our developers are most active in, but we want to make sure our message lands well. If we can identify a relevant influencer in that department to share our message they will help us build credibility with that team and improve the success of our campaigns.

So to follow the above example we:

  1. Go to the Recent Activity page
  2. Search for Development in the Department filter
  3. Select our target group
  4. Identify Kian Aguirre as the most influential person.
  5. Ask Kian for input or a share of your pdf document

Best leader for new or merged Yammer groups – 3:00

In this example, say we are founding a new yammer group we are going to break up the "Real Time Talk" group into a new group that focuses on a tangential subject common in the group. If we used the most engaged members we might select “Jody Hamilton" as our new group admin. Except we can see that Jody is not influential in this group so perhaps we should be picking Sam or Shay, both of whom are lower down the "Most Engaged Members" list.

Influencer Score Calculation – 5:00

The Influencer Score combines four sub-calculations for each user. Each sub-score awards a user points with emphasis on collaborative actions many of which are outside of their control. For example, receiving replies, likes, or conversations with many unique people will afford you a high score. The sub-calculations are Breadth, Contribution, Impact and Reach. They used as follows to calculate someone's influencer score.

(Breadth + Contribution + Impact) x Reach / 100

Breadth Points – 5:54

This is the number of groups you contribute in. We multiply this number by 100 to make it relative to Contribution and Impact. The key to increasing this is to engage in a broad variety of groups.

Contribution Points – 6:08

This awards points for collaborative threads the user initiates. These points are calculated by adding the following based on their given weight:

  • Announcements (3 points)
  • Starting a thread (2 points)
  • Response, Praise or Share Message (1 point)
  • A Like (.5 points)

Impact Points – 6:31

These points are calculated by adding the following based and are not weighted:

  • Replies you’ve received (1 point)
  • Likes your messages have received (1 point)
  • Mentions you have received (1 point)

Reach Points – 7:26

The number of unique people you interacted with on any of threads you participated in. Below are two examples of how reach points would be allocated given different thread structures.

Final Considerations

If you are looking to improve your influencer score consider focusing on engaging more unique users across the company, in multiple groups, or improving content quality with Photos, links, or other artifacts.

If you have questions about this article post to us on the tyGraph Customer Network or through our support email