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Registered Members

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Having an accurate representation of members not only supports your understanding of active users but allows you to reliably identify people with the best opportunities for growth in the absence of activity. 

We combine a variety of factors to get a near zero sum account of how many people are on a platform at any moment and historically. In this article we will unpack how we define your baseline of users and empower you to better understand your audience.


Registered members focuses on Internal Users that pass three tests at the moment of the data point. This includes Aliases, Historic Accounts, System Accounts from your organization.

Enabled Account - First a users account must exist and have not been suspended (blocked), or deleted.
Licensed - The user must have been licensed.
Product Plan - In the case of Teams and Yammer the license or group of licenses the user has must include the relevant product.

How do we measure this over time?

Not only can we tell users down to product or license today but we track the date at which these changes took place. This is very powerful and allows us to:

  1. Give an equally accurate representation of history.
  2. Tell a detailed story of a users access and plot this alongside their changes in behavior.