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Getting started with the tyGraph Support site

In this article, we will show you to get started with the tyGraph Support site.

Account activation

Start by activating your tyGraph Support account. Check your email for the "Support user activation" message from Be sure to check your Junk Email folder because it may have been marked as spam. If you didn't get the message, that's OK and just email us at and we will send you an activation message.

Click on your unique support link URL, enter your full name and provide a password of your choosing. Click "ACTIVATE AND LOG IN" to continue. 

Site tour

On the tyGraph Support site you can:

  1. View our knowledge base Solutions, where we include: downloads to the latest tyGraph reports; generalized help for all tyGraph apps; tips and guides for Power BI; and specialized help tailored to each tyGraph app.
  2. You can also view our Glossary of terms for concise data definitions to all of the attributes and measures that you will find in the tyGraph reports.

  3. In our Discussions section, you can read announcements, request new features and get in contact directly with the tyGraph team.

  4. Use the Submit a ticket button to raise a formal request or report a problem. Alternatively, you can email us at to create a new request.

  5. Use My tickets to view all of your open and closed requests.

Working with tickets

Let's walk through creating and working with a new ticket. 

New ticket

  1. Click the Submit a ticket button.

  2. Provide the following information: 
    1. Subject briefly outlining the request
    2. Message describing the issue in detail
    3. Optionally, attach a file, like a screen print
    4. Click Submit

  3. After clicking Submit", you will be directed to the "Ticket list" screen where you can:
    1. Provide additional information
    2. Attach additional files
    3. View the current status of the ticket

Review and update tickets

  1. Click on My tickets.

  2. The My tickets screen includes the following details:
    1. Subject and ticket number's of all open or pending requests
    2. Current ticket status
    3. The option to switch the view from "Open or pending" to "All tickets" and "Resolved or Closed"

  3. Clicking on a ticket brings us to the "Ticket list" screen where you:
    1. View the latest updates from the tyGraph Support team. Note: you will receive email updates as they are provided.
    2. Provide updates and additional information to your ticket.
    3. Attach additional files.
    4. Mark the ticket as closed.

Thanks for reading and please remember if you need help, email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.