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How to Access Existing tyGraph Reports

tyGraph is a very flexible tool that is primarily deployed through Microsoft Power BI. This provides your organization a ton of flexibility in how they deploy but can be a little overwhelming for new users. 

This article will explain how to access existing tyGraph reports deployed by your organization.

There are two places your reports could be:

  1. The Power BI Service
  2. tyGraph Online

The Power BI Service

The Power BI Service is a Microsoft tool which you access from your browser. It can be found as an app in your office main page, or you can navigate to: and sign in with your M365 credentials.

Sometimes you will need to select "All Apps" to find Power BI. 

Once you sign in you will be greeted by a home page. Depending on your role and preference you can access your data in an App or Workspace. 


These are similar to a SharePoint site or a Teams Channel where you can collaborate on reports with other analysts utilizing a common data model. Changes you save in this area are seen by your colleagues. Workspaces are very useful if you would like to edit report layouts. Most companies have 3-7 admins & analysts in a workspace together which form the core team that reports to the business.

To access click the workspaces item on the side and select the workspace for the product you'd like to use.


If you're looking for a simple experience that only requires filtering or exporting data, you can click on the app panel to view an app. This is commonly leveraged by organizations that need to secure the report to only show you data based on your role in the company. For example, Team Owners, or Yammer Community Admins who should only see data for the content they administrate.

To access an app select the apps ribbon on the the left and click on your desired app. 

tyGraph Online

tyGraph Online is a clean and simple portal that allows thousands of users to access a given report without needing to worry about any Power BI licensing.

To try this out simply sign in to with your office credentials.

If your company has this enabled you will be brought to a page and can select your report from the report drop down. If your company has not authorized tyGraph Online, you be bounced to our Demo site "tyGraph Test Drive". For inquiries about tyGraph Online please feel free to email