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Adding Users to Power BI Workspace


Adding Users to a Workspace

Once you install a tyGraph app-workspace its common to invite other admins and core analysts to collaborate in the same environment.

The Microsoft Power BI team has a very good article on how to add and control users in this workspace. Check it out here:

Apps for Consumptional Users

At tyGraph we recommend that you do not add "Viewers" to your workspace. Instead, we recommend you add your read only users to a published app. This gives you the benefit of a separated staging and production area. For details on publishing an app you can check out this general Power BI article.

Adam from Microsoft's Guy in a Cube channel has a very good video explaining this distinction in detail:

Role Level Security (RLS) Reports

If you're publishing a tyGraph Row Level Secured report (Ex. only showing relevant Teams to Team Admins) check out our tyGraph RLS Report Management for Power BI Apps Guide