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How to Navigate tyGraph Online

tyGraph Online allows customers to broadcast dynamic analytics to thousands of users without the complexity of the Power BI layout or licensing.

This way any users in your organization with a M365 license can access data. Additionally, these reports support filtering but not full on editing so users don't need to worry about damaging or re-arranging the report layouts. At any point they can re-load the webpage and see the default layout.



  1. Go to tyGraph Online
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft 365 login
  3. Done!  Note: If your company has no reports in tyGraph Online you will be sent to tyGraph Test Drive 

Ensure Email Matches

If you don't see any data. Be sure your email address matches your Teams or Yammer email. If you have other aliases in the selection please switch to your email in the dropdown. 

Selecting Reports

Once signed in you can select the report you would like from your report drop down. The reports that you can see are defined by an Administrator from your company. For details on how to control who sees these reports, check out this article.

Manipulating Data

You can manipulate the data using any combination of:

Slicer Selections

In tyGraph Online you can select items from slicers that are out on the canvas. For example you can select a team or range of dates.

Cross Highlighting/Cross Filtering

You can select data bars or data points right in visuals and the data in the neighboring visuals will be filtered by your selection. This is very powerful if you want to explore a data.


Dynamic Hierarchies

If you hover over a visual and see a series of up and down arrows than you can manipulate the visual aggregation within a set of items. We use this in every date visual at tyGraph so you aren't stuck with one x-axis.

If you'd like to simplify your trend press the up arrow for a larger aggregation. 

If you'd like a more detailed trend, press the two down arrows to make the x-axis more granular. 

The same thing works for other visuals like Team to Channels


For everything else there's the filter pane. We fill this with a wide range of attributes which you can utilize to focus on data to answer your particular question. We recommend that you apply filters to all pages for simplicity. There are limited examples where you can and should use special filters that control a single visual. For example (the MAE Score by Community visual)

For a comprehensive explanation all features in the filter pane see the fantastic Microsoft Article here

tyGraph Test Drive

If your organization has not deployed any reports to tyGraph Online you will be bounced to our Demo Environment tyGraph Test Drive. This is a demo environment where you can explore the tyGraph Online layout and various tyGraph reports.