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Monthly Active Users

What are Monthly Active Users?

In tyGraph Pages, Monthly Active Users are the total unique users who viewed a page within the last 30 days of the given date. Essentially how many unique users you get in a month.

We plot this over time to give you an understanding of how many users you can expect to hit content at any point in a monthly period. This measure provides an excellent baseline for how many users are generally in the platform.

How do we Interpret MAU?

Monthly active users gives you an upper maximum for how many users you can historically expect in your content area. These are not necessarily committed or even very engaged users but they represent the number of users who have loaded content at any point in a recent month.  

This provides you a value to compare with your weekly and daily active users. The closer WAU or DAU are to your Monthly Active users the larger portion of your population is engaging with your content. If you can make your WAU and MAU similar for a consistent period of time then your have content which users return to on a weekly basis. If you would really like to challenge yourself try to have your Daily Active Users very similar to your Monthly Users. This is the essence of the the DAU/MAU ratio, which compares daily to monthly users. The closer the lines, or the higher the DAU MAU ratio the more sticky your content is. For example Instagram is said to have a DAU/MAU of 60%. See this article for details. DAU/MAU Ratio