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Weekly Active Users

What are Weekly Active Users?

In tyGraph Pages, Weekly Active Users are the total unique users who viewed a page within the last seven days of the given date. Essentially how many unique users you get in a week.

We plot this over time to give you an understanding of how many users you can expect to hit content at any point in a 7 day period.

How do we interpret WAU?

WAU allows you to see how many users you attract in a week. As a point in time its best compared against your Daily and Monthly Active users. The difference between these values helps you understand the "stickyness" of your hub, site, or page. Your WAU trend can also be used as an early warning for user churn.

WAU vs Daily Users

Weekly Active Users provide an excellent goal for a single days active users. If you have a day that equals or approaches your weekly active users then you engaged as many people in a day as you would expect spread across an entire week. 

Checking your Daily active users also provides context to see if weekly users are the result of consistent user traffic or from a single event.

WAU vs Monthly Users

Similarly, the distance between your weekly and monthly active users tells you a great deal about your audience behavior.

WAU Trend

The trend of your WAU score particularly compared to your MAU score can be an early sign of dreaded user churn. 

Using this trend we can compare a trend of the total users we could expect in a week vs how many users we would get in a day. If users are logging in every day these trends will be very close together because