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Sometimes referred to as the "stickiness" of your web content. This tells you how often people are in your platform viewing content. The lower the ratio, the less often users are signing in. 


How is the DAU/MAU Ratio Calculated?

The ratio is the number of unique daily viewers divided by your unique monthly viewers.

This is evaluated based on the current day in the card but for each day for line charts.

What does the ratio mean?

This ratio can be used in several ways, generally it allows you to understand how often your users are engaging with your content, but it also allows you to foresee user churn, and understand the nature of your audience.

The lower the percentage the less often users are viewing content so generally speaking if your aim is to keep users returning to your content you want this percentage to be as high as possible. You will notice the card number colour will change to help you indicate where your number is on a range of good to bad.

What is a good score?

If you're looking to engage users, below 10% DAU/MAU is generally considered poor. As this would mean that users are viewing in on average 3 times a month (10% of ~30 days in a month = 3 days).  Anything above 40% is very good, 60%+ is excellent.

As you may have guessed already. This is predicated on the design of your site or page. For companies running a help site, you may not want your users visiting every day as that would indicate many issues. Instead you'd like them to visit access their information and leave. To accommodate this situation you can select your goal from the dropdown underneath this card  which will flip the colouring so that lower DAU/MAU will gain green colours. 

Early indications of Churn?

This plot can also provide an early indicator of churn. If your daily or even weekly active users trend separates from your monthly active users then you have likely begun churning users. Essentially this shows that your users are visiting less frequently or not at all to only be replaced by new users. You can see detailed lists in where these shifts in users gained, lost, and first time users on the Site Audience and Page Performance reports.  

Related Terms

Daily Active Users - DAU

This is the total number of users who are viewing your hub, sites, or pages in day to day. This is a unique count of viewers on the day that you have selected or plotted on a chart.

For this reason your daily active users number can fluctuate a great deal but you should be comfortable with the general trend of this number as you'll be used to seeing it everywhere that we reference unique page viewers. 

Weekly Active Users - WAU

This is the total number of users viewing your content in the last 7 days. So on the time series plot it will take the prior 7 days for each day its being evaluated. Same as with daily active users this is a unique count of viewers.

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Monthly Active Users - MAU

This is the total number of unique users viewing your content in the last month. On time series visuals it evaluates this for each date on the plot. 

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