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Setting Time Zone for tyGraph Pages

You can customize the report time zone for the tyGraph Pages product. This is a setting that is applied for the dataset and thereby any reports pointed to it. 

Time zone will not adjust automatically to the location of the user. Look to the top right of the report if you are ever unsure about the time zone selected for your dataset. 

Also know that this will not update automatically with daylight savings time.

Setting the Dataset Time Zone

You will need to be a dataset owner to do the following:

  1. Select your workspace
  2. Find tyGraph Pages Dataset and click "Schedule Refresh"
  3. Open Parameters section
  4. Enter your time zone offset from UTC. Format this as a simple + or - followed by the integer. 
    • Example -5 for North American Eastern. 
  5. Click apply
  6. Go back to the workspace
  7. Refresh dataset (this will apply your change immediately.