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Deploying Live Connected Reports

tyGraph Live Connected reports allow you to edit report layouts, filters, and even write new measures on your favorite tyGraph product but in modularized method.

Live connected reports are stand alone artifacts that plug into their corresponding tyGraph dataset. The benefit is that you can maintain one common dataset but have multiple customized reports all drawing data from the same place.

You can even live connect these reports to datasets from other workspaces. For full details see this article from the Microsoft Power BI team, Connect to datasets in the Power BI service from Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs 



You will need these items to follow this guide:

  • Power BI Desktop 
  • Access to an existing dataset in the Power BI service.

Download Report 

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  1. Click the product you'd like or use the file url we've shared with you (in custom situations)
  2. Open the file in Power BI desktop

Connect to Dataset

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  1. Sign in as yourself in Power BI if you are not already. Power BI may prompt you with the following "enter your email address"
  2. You will see unable to connect this is not a problem
  3. Click Edit
  4. Search and select your dataset
  5. Select dataset and allow the report to refresh.


Edit and Publish

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From here you can edit the report as much as you desire

  1. Once finished press "save as" with the report to have the name you'd like in the Power BI Service
  2. Press publish
  3. Select whichever workspace you'd like.
  4. You will now see that 


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This offers a very clean, dynamic, and repeatable way to deploy customized work around the Power BI Service. Among other benefits this method allows you to control and save your custom reports outside of the workspace or Power BI service all together. So if someone deletes, a workspace, dataset or other asset in the Power BI service you will always have a backup available.

Additionally you can modify one file and deploy it in multiple workspaces without needing to actually manage the data, refresh or authentication. The reports are just templates that are "live connecting" to the data source for which you point them to.