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tyGraph Pages Releases

Download and upgrade instructions 

Engine Stable Versions

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.26

Logger Version - 20210319.0


  • Implemented new cache key for tenant information
  • Added retry for license service when the API call is unsuccessful
  • Added cache fallback for license checks
  • Updated logic to retrieve Hub Site information due to changes in Microsoft 365 service.
  • All customers are recommended to upgrade to this version to ensure Hub Site information is captured correctly.

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.22

Logger Version - 20210311.0


  • Minor improvements to telemetry

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.21 - GA

Logger Version - 20210226.0


  • Tracking browser user agent and client
  • Collected additional data required for upcoming Time on Page report
  • Resolves bugs related to tracking user page read percentage
  • Preview of Developer API

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.13 - RC3

Logger Version - 20210202.1


  • Tracking user page read percentage
  • Corrected issue with PageViewTime metric
  • Resolved issues with legacy versions of Safari

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.9 - RC2

Logger Version - 20210125.1


  • Enhanced button tracking allowing capturing of telemetry on user events such as document downloads, deletes, views, sharing, link creation, and more.
  • Link tracking allowing the capture of the HREF attribute on links
  • Improved exception tracking
  • Added Hub Site information to event tracking for use by Site Analytics web part
  • Improved page read tracking for non-scrollable pages

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.4.0.12 - RC1

Logger Version - 20210111.0


  • Switched to new configuration URL endpoint

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.4.0.11 - RC0

Logger Version - 20210104.0


  • Added PageAbsoluteUrl to simplify Page Visit Time reporting
  • Added operational telemetry to track engine version numbers

Engine Pre-release versions

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.6.0.3

Logger Version - 20210408.0


  • Preliminary support for SPFx 1.12 before it was deprecated
  • Consolidated list item API calls to improve date formatting in created / modified fields
  • Support for Edge legacy versions 17 and 18
  • Tracking whether the user is a Site Owner or Site Admin
  • Tracking whether the site is archived

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.10

Logger Version - 20210125.1


  • Experimental - user page read percentage
  • Corrected issue with some metadata in the PageViewTime event

tyGraph Pages Engine v1.5.0.1

Logger Version - 20210107.0


  • Experimental - document library and list tracking
  • Changed click tracking to send the nearest button details when present

Web Parts Stable Versions

tyGraph Pages Web Parts v1.1.0.14 - RC2

Web Part Version - 20210312.0


  • New: Navigation and Client Type reports
  • Improved first launch experience.

tyGraph Pages Web Parts v1.1.0.9 - RC1

Web Part Version - 20210312.0


  • Report layouts with pre-configured reports
  • Devices report layout
  • Screen resolutions and browser sizes reports
  • Improved chart loading experience
  • Links report

tyGraph Pages Web Parts v1.1.0.1 - RC0

Web Part Version - 20210201.0


  • Initial release