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How to Count Users by an Activity

Sometimes you want to dig deeper into a community or conversation. The tyGraph for Yammer model is very flexible and with just a bit of editing you can pivot the reports to see what you're looking for.

In this example we'll look to see which users liked a post. 

  1. Switch to Edit mode in Power BI
  2. Open the Fields Pane
  3. Pivot Likes or other measures on User Name by checking the box next to the measure or dragging them into the visuals "values" list.
  4. Filter to the thread you would like:
    1. In the filter pane under "Thread Message" You may need to add it to the filter pane from the "Threads" table.
    2. Alternatively you can select a neighboring to provide the thread context. Ex. Clicking a thread in the "most impactful threads will cross-filter your visual.