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The Community Network Report

The network diagram maps user connections within your community or context. Where an interaction between users is when they like, message or mention each other. The more interactions they have, the thicker the line between them will be. This allows us to visualize who is at the center or fringes of the flow of information in Yammer.

There are a number of scenarios to look for. Below are a some examples for interpreting common scenarios.


Key Communicators

These users bridge connections within your community and help to bring people together across business silos. They're easy to spot with the network diagram because they will be bridging general clusters of people. This can be done for one or many communities up to a maximum of 200 users interacted.

Highly Collaborative Communities

If you filter to a single community, you an get a good insight on how users communicate within that community. Very collaborative communities will look like a bush because most members are collaborating with each other to varying extents. (Orange circle Image A and the teal circle in Image B)

Distant Users

This will also make it obvious which users users are at the fringes of discussions or only loosely involved in the community (Image B). If we were to plot this as a bar chart the three users highlighted in Image B might be lost somewhere in the middle of the ranking.