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Filter SharePoint Sites in tyGraph for SharePoint

tyGraph for SharePoint can be filtered to show a number of perspectives. 

  • Site URL
  • User Attribute
  • Detail Period

To leave the report unfiltered leave the field(s) blank or enter <N/A>.

  1. Connect to your tyGraph for SharePoint Power BI workspace.
  2. Select “More options” for the Dataset.
  3. Click “Settings”.

  4. Expand “Parameters”.
  5. Enter the site collection URL(s) that you want to include in your report separated by a semi-colon ( ; ).
    Important: Only include the site address and ensure that there is no forward slash at the end of each URL.

    For example, must be entered as

  6. Click “Apply”.
  7. Return to the tyGraph for SharePoint Power BI workspace.

  8. Click “Refresh now” and wait for the refresh to complete.
  9. If applicable, click “Update App”.
  10. Click the tyGraph for SharePoint Report to confirm that the changes to the report have been applied correctly.