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Managing Your Data Protection Status


When your company sets up tyGraph, your administrators will choose a Data Protection level for the organization. The organization must provide a data source (HR Table, Active Directory etc.) to uniquely identify users and their country of origin. The organization can apply default settings for users based on:

  • Country: All users from a given list of countries will have your selected level of Data Protection applied by default
  • Organization: All users are applied a Data Protection setting by default.


Viewing Status

You can view your data protection status in tyGraph Online:

This will display a window with your current Data Protection status selected in the radio button.

  • Active - Means that your personal data is not flowing through reports. This could be enabled by default depending on your location
  • Inactive - Means that you are contributing your approved identifying data in tyGraph Reports 

Changing Status

To change your data protection status:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the button for the protection status that you would like for each of your M365 aliases.

  3. The page will notify you that your status has been changed and you will receive and email from confirming your selection.



 If Data protection has not been enabled by your organization, or if your login was not identified, then you will land on this page:

Optional: Changing status by Email

Each organization will have a point of contact for Data Protection status changes. If you are an Administrator for a tyGraph Licensed Product, please ensure to create this point of contact and internal workflow so that users can reach out for questions or changes.

Effects of Changing Status

Users who have applied to change status through tyGraph Online will see the change applied within 48 hours. tyGraph is not responsible for extended wait periods if your organization requires additional written applications and/or workflows to be completed to change status.

Once the change is applied you will be able to view your new status as defined above. (see Viewing Data Protection Status)

Report Effects

If you have requested removal from tyGraph data, your personal data will be removed in accordance with your organizations pre-defined data protection level. If your organization has selected obfuscation than any reports that list your personal information will be replaced with a random number. Similarly, if your organization has selected opt-out data protection than all your activity data will no longer be visible in tyGraph reports.

All tyGraph reports will still be accessible for users who have enabled data protection in accordance with the tyGraph Access Methodology[1] However, all tyGraph reports that utilize a security role (Group Admin, Group Member etc.) will no longer display any data to opted-out users.