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Why are Views different from SharePoint?

As you may know, Microsoft provides out of the box Site Usage data and inline article statistics. These prominent statistics can become top of mind numbers for users, and stakeholders alike. For this reason it can sometimes come as a shock to see that tyGraph Views and Viewer counts to be much lower or higher than we are used to seeing for our content.

Why is tyGraph Different?

Firewall Restrictions for Application Insights

If the user is connecting from a corporate network, VPN, or DirectAccess, then the logging of their page view could be potentially blocked from writing to Application Insights by your network security tools.  While the SDKs we use have batching and retries, the telemetry capture can appear to be "bursty" to the endpoints.  Some firewalls, can choose to block this outbound traffic or de-prioritized it which can cause telemetry to not be captured.  This can contribute to a significantly lower Page Views for companies with heavy firewall restrictions or large on premises populations, sometimes as much as 80% lower.

Check your firewall and blocking rules to see if you are preventing connections to our API, CDN, and Application Insights IP addresses.  Review the network requirements for tyGraph Pages.   Even if your firewalls aren't explicitly blocking Application Insights IP addresses, content filtering or content tracking policies may prevent outbound traffic to the endpoint.  For a full list of IPs needed for tyGraph to write to Application Insights please see this Microsoft article. You may need to whitelist Application insights within your network to prevent its traffic from being filtered.

Different Page View Definitions

SharePoint and tyGraph for SharePoint (audit log) count one page view per session. The built-in page view counts in SharePoint, take measures to filter out repetitive requests by the same user.  For example, if you reload your webpage or navigate back to the same page within the same session this will not be counted as a view by the Microsoft Audit tracker.

For details see this article. Microsoft does not count some views citing: "The algorithm used to calculate Site visits is designed to filter out repetitive, continual operations by the same user on the same item (page, document, or news). For example when a user repeatedly refreshes a page, document, or news post." 

In tyGraph Pages we capture each action the user is taking even within the same session.  This can lead to higher page view counts for some tenants.

Unsupported Browsers in tyGraph Pages

The tyGraph Pages Engine does not capture user activity from the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge Legacy v17 and v18 (support available in tyGraph Pages Engine Preview channel)

Page views from unsupported browsers will not be counted.  Refer to the tyGraph Pages supported browsers for more details.

Report Lag

Some of our products refresh on a varying time scale. tyGraph Pages collects data in near real time (within 15 minutes) tyGraph for SharePoint refreshes every 24 hours. If you notice a large variation between two reports or between reports and reality then check the refresh dates.

User Selection

Sometimes in Power BI you can filter out data unintentionally.  Be sure to double check your selection to ensure you haven't filtered out or excluded data.

Perform a Health Check

The tyGraph Pages Site Analytics web part has a Health Check feature that will help you troubleshoot potential connectivity issues.