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Changing Azure Log Analytics Retention

By default Application Insights and Log Analytics has a data retention of 90 days.  You can opt to extend the retention up to 730 days.  However, the tyGraph Pages Site Analytics web part only support a maximum of 365 day filters.  The procedure differs depending on if you are self-hosted or  SaaS-hosted.

Self-hosted customers

For self-hosted customers, you will edit the Log Analytics workspace associated with your tyGraph Application Insights instance.

  1. In the Azure portal, find your Log Analytics workspace.
  2. Click on Usage and Estimate costs under the General section.
  3. Click Usage and estimated costs.
  4. Click on Daily Retention.
  5. Click Data Retention.
  6. Adjust the slider to the desired level of retention up to 730 days.
  7. Adjust the retention period as desired.

Note that increasing the data retention, will result in additional Azure costs.  By default, logging from the tyGraph Pages engine includes 90 days of retention for data stored in the Log Analytics workspace of Application Insights.  Review the Azure pricing page for more details.

SaaS-hosted customers

For SaaS-hosted customers, please contact tyGraph Support to adjust your retention.  By default this is set to 730 days which is the maximum period available. Additional charges may apply depending on storage requirements and your license agreement.

See also: Understanding Data Collection and Retention with tyGraph Pages : Support 

Configuring the Site Analytics Web Part

The Site Analytics Web Part has the option to include a 365 day slicer.   Edit the Site Analytics web part as described in the installation guide.   Check the checkbox labeled Enable 365 day filter in the Settings section.  You will now be able to report on the last 365 days in the Site Analytics web part.

Check "Enable 365 day filter".