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User Attribute Options at tyGraph

At tyGraph we utilize a wealth of user information to allow you to segment your audience. As a standard we use active directory information to populate user profiles but there are further options which we will explore in this article.


Most deployments start with Active Directory data and then augment tyGraph Reports with Information they feel is valuable but missing by default. Below is the common order:

  1. Azure Active Directory
  2. Azure Active Directory Extension Attributes
  3. External Sources

Azure Active Directory

By default all tyGraph M365 products use user Active Directory profile attributes. This allows a seamless up to date picture on your users based on the data you already maintain in Azure.

Azure Active Directory Extension Attributes

Microsoft provides every company the ability to have 14 "Extension Attributes" which you can populate for your users. We also collect these by default at tyGraph.

If you have data from another source in your organization and can insert it into a spare extension attribute for your company it will automatically be integrated to tyGraph.

For details please see this article from the Microsoft team. Azure AD Connect sync: Directory extensions | Microsoft Docs

External Sources

We have the ability to ingest data into the tyGraph Matching engine through an API or export for SaaS deployements. You data must include User Email, any attributes you would like, and follow this structure.

If you have an export you would like us to integrate please reach us at