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tyGraph Calling General Terms

Terms matter a great deal. People often use terms like Meetings or Calls loosely but at tyGraph these mean specific things.

General Terms


The basic building blocks of calls. A session a continuous communication between devices in Teams. If a person joins a call, leaves, then re-joins the same call that is two sessions. If a person joins on two devices those are also two sessions. If a person joins a call and turns on recording that is two sessions.


A generic term for a communication between two or more devices. This always involves two or more sessions. This can be further categorized into: Direct Calls and Group Calls

Direct Call

A call between one other person. Sometimes people refer to these as Peer to Peer calls.

Group Call

A call between more than one person.

Scheduled One-Off Meetings

*Planned Feature*

Scheduled Recurring Meetings

*Planned Feature*


Absolute period of time spent in a call or session. So if three users are in a call, the duration is the length time from the first person joining to the last person leaving regardless of the number of users.

Time Spend:

The total cumulative time spent by users on the call. If three people are in a concurrent call each of their time is added up.


Any user agent in a call. This includes participants but also bots, together mode, and other other non human elements within the call.


A human that is communicating in a call.


Attendees that were from within your tenant.


Attendees that were not from your tenant.

Telephony Signals

Microsoft Calling Plan (PSTN)

A Microsoft offered service to support PSTN Calls
Captured for all Microsoft Calling Plan phone calls coming in and out of your routing service. This includes external users phoning into meetings organized by your company. This also includes users within your company phoning into calls organized by other companies.

Direct Routing (PBX)

The ability to supply your own telephony carrier to be used by the Microsoft Teams service instead of a calling plan.

Call Performance

Stream classification in Call Quality Dashboard (CQD) - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs