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Users in Communities Filter

In tyGraph for Yammer we allow you to filter on a list of Community members but showing all of their activity both in and outside of your community. This is useful for two scenarios we'll outline below:

  1. Filtering on a Large List of Users
  2. Analyzing Cross Network Performance

Filtering on a Large List of Users

Sometimes in tyGraph for Yammer you need to analyze a large list of users. You can always do this with regular Power BI filtering. However this can become tedious if you have many users you'd like to select, or if the list of users is very dynamic.

You can use the Users in Communities filter to fast select all users that are member for your given Yammer Communities. So for example if you have a communications team that you'd like to analyze across Yammer and they're all members of a community you can just select their community rather than listing them out manually.

Analyzing Cross Network Performance

The users in communities filter is also a great way to analyze where else users within a community are spending their attention in Yammer. For example if you run a large community and want to see where else your community members are engaging you can select your community from the Users in Communities filter.