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Filtering Archived Communities

In tyGraph for Yammer you can omit certain communities from your reporting altogether. 

People usually do this if you archive communities by marking them with a certain naming convention (ex. zz - Archive, zz - , [Archived] etc.) instead of deleting them. Also sometimes companies have test or development groups they would like to omit. In this article we will show you how to omit communities with your defined naming convention from the model entirely.


  1. Identify the naming convention used in the communities that you would like to omit. On our example we prefix all of our archived communities with the term "zz_Archive". 
  2. Navigate to the workspace settings by selecting the workspace name on the left.
  3. Hover over the dataset and press "Scheduled Refresh"
  4. Open the Parameters section
  5. Enter your archive identifyer from step 1
  6. Press apply
  7. Go back to the workspace settings page
  8. Refresh your dataset
  9. Wait for refresh to complete and the communities will be removed.