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Network requirements for tyGraph Pages

With tyGraph Pages Engine, we capture user telemetry in real time as the user browses SharePoint Online.  The engine uses our own API and CDN-hosted in Microsoft Azure to provide configuration information.  It also requires Azure Application Insights.  In order to accurately collect telemetry, tyGraph Pages Engine must be able to connect to all of these resources.

If your organization uses a cloud firewall, reverse proxy, or third-party identity provider, please ensure the URLs below have been added to your allow lists.  Failure to do this can lead to lost telemetry and reduced page counts.

Please ensure that all users on your network can access the following URLs:

We have had reports from some customers that these URLs may need to be explicitly allowed in your cloud firewall (i.e.: Netskope, Zscaler, IDaptive) in order to avoid connectivity issues such as CORS errors, authentication issues, and redirect issues.  If you suspect, you are having connectivity issues for specific users or locations, you can try using the tyGraph Engine Health Check to verify connectivity.

Azure Monitor Private Link

If you organization uses any Azure Monitor Private Links, this can affect the ability to capture telemetry when tyGraph is hosting Application Insights on your behalf.  If you view the Developer Console in your browser, you will see a 403 error on the POST to when this is the issue.  In order to send telemetry to tyGraph Pages, please ensure that your Private Link access mode has been configured as Open.  Additional details are in Microsoft's documentation.