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User locations in tyGraph Pages

Some tyGraph Pages reports feature filters and maps based upon the user's location.  The city, state / province, and country displayed is provided by Microsoft Application Insights and GeoLite2 from MaxMind.  The user's IP address is used in conjunction with GeoLite2 which contains a database of known IP address locations.  Accuracy of this lookup varies by region.  

To protect user privacy, the tyGraph Pages Engine does not use the browser's geolocation object to calculate precise locations.  As a result, some organizations may find that the reported location may not match the user's actual location.  We also don't currently incorporate the UsageLocation field associated with a user's Microsoft 365 license.

Troubleshooting user location issues

If you are seeing incorrect user locations, a number of factors could affect this including:

  • VPNs or DirectAccess - these solutions tend to route traffic through central locations.  As a result, all traffic could show it's coming from the city of your primary office. 
  • Cloud firewalls or reverse proxies - cloud firewalls and reverse proxies have been known to cause issues with user locations
  • Unsupported IP address range in GeoLite2 - use the Locate My IP Address page to validate the known location for your IP address.  If it's not correct consider contacting your network administrator or contacting MaxMind to update the location.

Run the tyGraph Pages Engine Health Check

You can use the tyGraph Pages Engine Health Check to validate the location that we are capturing for the current user.  If you suspect issues with certain offices or locations at your org, run the Health Check from those locations.  The Application Insights test in the Health Check will validate the location reported.