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A total of communities that existed in the report period. This is not the total communities that exist right now. 

The reason we include communities that don't exist any longer but did exist during your report period, is so that we can include an accurate representation of the historic activity for the time frame. 


Lets consider two communities, Lifework Inc. and Real Time Talk. Lifework gets deleted on 29 May. 

If today is 3 June, and we analyze for the last 15 days then our denominator is 2 Communities because two communities existed in the last 15 days.

If we analyze for the last days, then our denominator is 1 community because only one community has existed for all that time.

I Only Want to Analyze Communities that Exist

Though we provide the historic context for data quality reasons you can remove communities that don't exist from this total regardless of the period. 

To only show communities that exist:

  1. Switch to edit report mode
  2. Add the IsActive flag from the Community Table
  3. Tick the True box.