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tyGraph Pages web part

tyGraph Pages comes with a powerful web part that allows you to democratize insights without the encumbrance of Power BI licensing or analytical training. Once installed you can deploy the tyGraph Pages Web Part to any page to show your audience tenant, hub, site, or page statistics in a self-serve format. This utilizes the exact same data model as your analyst team has a detailed view of in Power BI, affording you the reliability of a common data model.


No additional Microsoft user licensing required - Users do not require additional Microsoft licensing of any kind to consume these reports.

Contextual - Users can view reports in the context of SharePoint rather than leaving to an analytical tool like Power BI

Self Serve - Free up your analytics team from routine or basic information that your audience can now see themselves.



Visualize the user journey of your audience and make the most of your precious navigational experiences.

Site & Hub Reports

Understand detailed events within the scope of your tenant, hub site, or site. This can be configured in the web part settings.

Page Reports

Our Page Report allows the user to see information about the page they are on. This includes, Page Views, Unique Viewers, Average Page Load Performance, Average page read %, and Average Time on Page over time. Toward the bottom of the menu you will also see a list of top links clicked on by users within the page.

Customization and Options

There are a wide range of customization options available including the scope of the data, layout, and user options. 

How to Get Started

Get tyGraph Pages now using the installation guides that matches your existing tyGraph deployment:

Need help deploying tyGraph Pages? Contact us at or submit a ticket at