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Effects of Yammer Native Mode in tyGraph


In this article, we will explore the impacts of switching your Yammer Network to the new “Native Mode." Primarily, this switch will automatically migrate of all file content into SharePoint Group storage instead of classic Yammer storage.



From Microsoft: For existing Yammer networks, they are eligible to migrate to Native Mode, and admins can choose which mode suits their network. In Native Mode, all Yammer users are in Azure Active Directory (AAD), all groups are Microsoft 365 Groups, and all files are stored in SharePoint Online.[1]

The Three Yammer Modes

Your network will be in one of three modes. Most networks are Non – Native and will only be changed to the others if you have initiated the changes. See this link for details.

  • Non – Native (not SharePoint Connected) (default)
  • Native Mode
  • Hybrid

SharePoint Data

Given that the files are now being stored in SharePoint, activity against those objects in the document library will begin showing up in tyGraph for SharePoint. Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to enable tyGraph for SharePoint.





Effects of Native Mode On tyGraph for Yammer

  • Change in Registered Members – There will be a change in your registered members number as Microsoft reconciles Yammer-only users with Active directory users. This may cause fluctuations such as increasing the number of registered members as Yammer creates new accounts and a decreasing the number of registered members as we receive the deletion dates for old Yammer only accounts.Yammer-only

Yammer will attempt to associate Yammer users with an existing AAD account on your tenant. Any users that Yammer cannot associate with an existing AAD account will be removed from your network. This will cause those users to be removed from your registered members count. All new users will be required to be a user in AAD for the tenant.


  • Changes In Engaged Members, Engaged Members % (going forward)– External Group Members will be removed from all External Groups but they will still be listed in Group Membership. These accounts will no longer be able to engage in your community. We recommend you remove external users from a community after migrating to Native mode to prevent your Engaged Group Members % from being low.


  • Files in Direct Messages will remain unchanged in tyGraph but will be deleted in Yammer. tyGraph will keep the historic count of Direct Messages (we have never shown direct message body). Going forward users will not be able to share files in the Direct Messages unless they are linking them from somewhere in O365. Going forward all Files in Direct Messages will not be tracked but historic ones will remain. If you would like historic Files from Direct Messages to be deleted (similar to how Yammer removes those items) you can request deletion by emailing
  • File Views and Downloads may fluctuate heavily. We recommend removing File Views and Downloads from your MAE Score.