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Link Reporting with the tyGraph Pages Report Bar

Now in Preview, tyGraph Pages Link Reporting, allows you to evaluate the performance of any link or navigation element on a SharePoint page.  Simply activate the Link Reporting feature and hover over the link to see how many times the link has been clicked.  This lets you understand exactly how links on your page are performing.  It also allows you to evaluate if you have the right links in your site, hub site, or global navigation. 

Activating Link Reporting

To activate link reporting, you must have the Report Bar enabled on the current page.  If you haven't turned on the Report Bar, follow the instructions in this guide.  Now click the new Link Reporting (Preview) button on the Report Bar.

tyGraph Pages Report Bar.  Click the Link Reporting (Preview) button.

Now hover over any link on the page to view how many clicks have occurred in the specified time period.

Hover over a link to view its performance.

You can hover over most links on the page including those in news articles, site navigation, hub site navigation, and global navigation.

Adjusting the Time dimension

Link Reporting uses the same time dimension as the Report Bar and Report Panel.  By default, these will report on history for the last 45 days.  If you want to use a different time dimension with Link Reporting, simply click the Page Analytics button and use the slicer to choose 1, 7, 30, 45, 90, or 365 days.

Understanding the scope of Link Reporting

Link Reporting allows you to view the number of clicks of a link.  It automatically scopes the activity based on the type of link.  For example, for a link in the hub site navigation, it will report on any click of that link from any page in the hub site instead of just the current page you are viewing.  This means the number of clicks reported for any navigation link will be the same regardless of what page you use Link Reporting on.  For links in a news article or a web part, only the clicks from that page will be included in the scope of Link Reporting.


Link Reporting may not be available for all web parts including custom web parts and the Hero Web Part.  However, you can view the performance of the Hero Web Part using the Page Analytics button to activate the Report Panel.  If a page contains multiple links to the same URL, the click count will be combined.

Preview Feature

Link Reporting is a Preview feature.  As such, you may experience bugs or differences in click counts.  It may not be available for links in certain web parts such as Hero.