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The key didn't match any rows in the table

Sometimes Power BI returns the error "The key didn't match any rows in the table" when the dataset refreshes. 

There are a couple of reasons this could happen, in this article we will show you the common reasons and solutions.

Incorrect Connection Information

Cause: Sometimes this happens if you have the server and database backward or have entered the incorrect schema for the role.

Resolution: Double-check your parameters and authentication match.
Note: Be sure that the Schema name is open (all lower-case).

Out of Date tyGraph Model

Cause: At tyGraph, we maintain at least one generation of data model back from the current. But if you've missed two updates there is a chance the old tables needed for your out-of-date tyGraph Model won't exist. If this has happened, you will also get the "The key didn't match any rows in the table" error. 

Resolution: Check your report version and update as needed

Core Issue

Resolution:, If you're running the latest version and have the correct connection please start a ticket with us or email