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Common Abbreviations in tyGraph

Sometimes we use abbreviations, acronyms, or other short-hands in tyGraph to save space on reports. This article lays them out to help make sense of them in your daily use.


PoP - Period over Period 

This compares the current report period to the previous period for the same length of time. See this dedicated article for more information.

% Change

 The overall percentage change of a measure from the first half of the period to the second half. See this dedicated article for details.


Any measure where we include an up or down arrow to denote the directionality of a changing measure.

MAE - Measure of Active Engagement

This is the total actions that a person or community has taken in the report period. See this dedicated article for details.


In Yammer this is any user or community with MAE Score acts of Engagement. In all other products they are users, sites, drives, with any activity. In Teams its users or teams with Messages, Reactions, or Mentions.