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Will tyGraph Pages slow down my SharePoint Environment?

The tyGraph Pages engine uses cutting edge methods to collect activity without affecting the performance of your SharePoint content. We use a raft of technologies to achieve this, which include:

Lean Requests

We have designed the tyGraph Pages Engine to be invisible and we only make minimal requests to the SharePoint and Microsoft Graph APIs while caching the results. 

Asynchronous Processes

The tyGraph Pages Engine has been designed to run asynchronously after a portion of your page has loaded to be able to capture usage information about the page.  Page rendering does not have any dependencies on the data collection extension that runs on the page. 

Experience with Scale

We have numerous customers large and small using the tyGraph Pages Engine and we have not had any reported issues about page performance.  Tools like the Page Diagnostics Tool for SharePoint validate that the tyGraph Engine will not causing performance overhead issues.

Validating Page Performance

If you are looking to validate tyGraph we recommend either installing to a dev tenant or enabling SharePoint Page diagnostics. The SharePoint Page Diagnostics tool is a 3rd party app that will let you see the overhead on your pages added by tyGraph and validate the low delay of tyGraph.