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Installing Pages Engine to a Single Site Collection

You can install the tyGraph Pages Engine in this App Catalog without running the extension on all sites in your tenant. This can be done for many reasons including:

Validation of tyGraph performance in a contained area

Your SharePoint environment is a critical business asset. Any slowdown from a 3rd party tool could mean weeks of headache and piles of internal ticket. We believe in supporting IT teams with the capability to "soft launch" tyGraph Pages to a site collection without the stress of a Tenant Wide deployment at first.

Ease of Compliance
Sometimes the idea of monitoring the entire tenant with no exceptions makes for lengthy compliance reviews and requires additional measures to ensure global compliance. With a Site Collection deployment you can reduce our tools surface area and get started faster.
Focused Audience Support
Sometimes interest in analytics starts in certain parts of your organization at first. Limiting the scope of our engine can allow your business to focus on what matters to you before approaching the broader organization.

Though these options make for great early options we always recommend you install the extension in your tenant's App Catalog.


To use the Site Collection App Catalog, follow these steps:

  1. Create the Site Collection using PowerShell as described.
  2. After the Site Collection App Catalog is created, go to the Site Settings page of your Site Collection.
  3. Click on the Apps for SharePoint link.
  4. In the App Catalog, click on Apps for SharePoint.
  5. Upload the tyGraphPagesEngine.sppkg.
  6. Uncheck “Make this solution available to all sites in the organization” and then click “Deploy”.
  7. Go to Site Contents, Add -> App.
  8. Click From my orgnization and then select tyGraph Pages Engine.

For additional guidance on installation, the steps in the installation guide may be referenced.