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Understanding Data Collection and Retention with tyGraph Pages

With tyGraph Pages, we collect data from your tenant in real time using an SPFx Application Customizer.  This approach allows us to collect unique information about the browser, device, page, and user that's not available via other data collection means.  We log the data using Log Analytics which is ideal for reporting on usage data.  Due to the unique technologies used for data collection and storage, it is important that you understand the associated caveats.

No historical data

Since the tyGraph Pages Engine collects data in real-time, we don't have a way to report on data prior to the installation date of tyGraph Pages.  This differs from the other products in the tyGraph suite since they read historical data from the audit log.

tyGraph Pages Engine must be installed

The tyGraph Pages Engine must be installed for data collection.  If you need to remove it for any reason, tyGraph Pages reports will have a data gap.

Data is immutable

Data in Log Analytics is immutable by design.  That means we can't alter data or re-ingest historical data.  This gives you confidence in the data since you know it can't be tampered with after collection.  For this reason, we strongly recommend you understand your obfuscation requirements before installation.   The tyGraph Pages Engine can obfuscate all user data, obfuscate user data based upon the user's Office 365 usage location, or obfuscate specific user fields.  While you can change your obfuscation settings later, you can't obfuscate historical data.  The only option available is to purge the data.

Maximum retention of 730 days

Log Analytics defaults to 90 days of retention.  For SaaS hosted customers, we will automatically set this to the maximum of 730 days.  Customer-hosted deployments will need to change this to 730 days during the installation process.  At this time, 730 days is the maximum retention period.  We are exploring premium options that will allow longer retention periods by exporting the data, but they are not available yet.  Please contact tyGraph Support if you have greater retention needs.

Data cannot be moved between Azure Regions

Data from Log Analytics workspaces cannot be moved between regions.  As a result, please make sure you specify which region you want your data hosted in for SaaS hosted customers.  For customer-hosted customers, make sure you specify the desired Azure region when creating the workspace.

User data provided by Azure Active Directory

We collect user data in order to power filters in the tyGraph Pages reports.  This data comes from Azure Active Directory using Microsoft Graph.  Should you notice any data is incorrect in the reports, please ensure that the data is correct in Azure Active Directory.  After making any changes, it may take a few days before the new data shows in the reports due to caching.