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Convert a Power BI imported model to Live Connected

The easiest way to convert an imported Power BI report to Live Connected is to delete all the underlying queries in the report and point it to a workspace that contains the dataset you want to connect to.  The model of the live model should be the same as the one being deleted from the import model or at the very least contain all fields and measures used in the report visuals.

  1. Open the PBIX file in Power BI Desktop
  2. Click on Transform Data

  3. In Power Query Editor, delete all the queries. Easiest way is to right-click on each of the query groups and click Delete Group. Note: group "Parameters & Queries" needs to be deleted last because of references in other queries.

  4. You should have 0 queries in the list. Click on Close & Apply

  5. If there are additional tables in the Fields section back in the main Power BI Desktop window, delete those as well.

  6. The report visuals will all be broken. Not to worry. Once the report is pointed to a model in a Power BI Online workspace, all the visuals will resolve.

  7. In the Home tab, click on 'Power BI datasets'

  8. Select the workspace to connect to and click Create.

  9. That's it. Save the file and publish accordingly.