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tyGraph Pulse - Dev Blog

Welcome to the tyGraph Pulse Dev Blog!


February 2023

  • Improved Month Over Month logic
  • Support Telemetry Early Access - If you're willing to opt into supplying us with your report telemetry you can download the telemetry model from the download page.

December 2022

This version of tyGraph for Pulse has major layout and UI improvements utilizing our AA accessibility theme with improved fonts and colors granting easier to read data as well as incorporating a new modern layout improving its look and feel. This version also has major user experience components which provide advanced data exploration, consolidated measurement displays, and easier to locate date drill downs for graphs. All made possible by the new Power BI feature - field parameters. Which we have developed to now include grouped calculations allowing users to configure a single matrix or visual in over 40 different combinations. Time period comparison drop downs have been added to numerous pages and visuals which show five different time period comparisons like the month over month trend for example. Date slicers have also been added to major visuals which eliminate the need for users to drill down into dates using the hard to locate drill down arrows making for easier to use reports. Some pages have been re-done to include more useful visualizations and or to just provide a more visually appealing experience.

AA Accessibility Theme:

  • Fonts and colors have been adjusted to be in line to meet the standards set for AA accessibility by the WCAG. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (

  • This makes our reports a lot easier to read for everyone and creates a clearer crisp presentation of information.

Field Parameter - General Definition:

  • Field parameters allow users to dynamically change the measures or dimensions being analyzed within a report. This is a new feature in Power BI and can be enabled in the File / Options / Preview Features menu. This powerful new feature has been added to four tabs within this report: Page Audience, External Activity, Site Detail and File Type Activity tabs.

Field parameter slicers/filters have been added to visualizations on the following pages:

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Overview
  • Digital Transformation Overview
  • Predicting Teams Adoption
  • Email
  • Teams
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint Sites
  • SharePoint Users
  • OneDrive

This filter allows a user to filter whichever visualization its embedded in by user attributes that are present in Azure tenants, such as city, country, job title, and division to name a few. Allowing for advanced data exploration b. Follow this link for a detailed article on "User Attributes" - User Attribute Selections : Support ( 

Time intelligence trend comparison calculations dropdown has been added to the following pages:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Predicting Teams Adoption
  • Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Teams
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint Sites

 This filter allows a user to apply time intelligence calculations to the metric its attached to. Displaying popular time intelligence comparisons such as month over month in a percentage form along with an up or down trend arrow.

Groups of measures within the slicer/filter:

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Overview

This filter contains groups of calculations which are projected onto the attached visualizations - the matrix and line graph. This is a powerful new development, when combined with the user attributes slicer, allowing for the user to custom configure the matrix with their desired data view. There are 39 different configurations to explore. Each calculation group represents five underlying key adoption metrics, for example the 'Adopted Users' selection option will display the following metrics in the matrix (as new columns) and the line chart (as new lines): Email - User Activities, OneDrive - User Activities, SharePoint - User Activities, Teams - Activity, and Yammer - User Activity. While the user attributes slicer will change toe rows in the matrix to data points such as city, job title, etc. Try toggling back and forth between adopted users and percentage of adopted users for a data exploration treat. Want to see which departments are low on Microsoft Teams adoption? Configure the matrix by user attribute "department" and then calculation group "User adoption".  Curious about what percentage of the users that represents? Change the calculation group slicer to % of Adopted Users.

This feature was in experimental development mode and can be implemented into many other pages and areas of this report in future releases, but because of how exciting it was it was rolled out immediately but the only on the opening page. Look for more in future versions!

March 2022

In this release we incorporated the latest improvements in our User License backbone to the tyGraph Pulse product. This supports a clear baseline of recruitable users on your various platforms. A strong understanding of users by license is critical for Adoption Change Management initiatives where we are looking for users in the absence of activity. We hope this will help you identify previously unknown opportunities to engage with users on the fringes of your organization.

New Pages

  • Microsoft 365 Enablement. -Make the most of your licenses and identify the biggest areas of opportunity for your next adoption campaign.
  • Microsoft 365 Product Adoption

UX Improvements

  • Added Version Experience
  • New Information Links
  • Faster User Adoption Calculation

New Calculations

Added New Time Intelligence Measures

  • Percent Change (% Change)
  • Month Over Month - Compares last full month to the full month prior.
  • Indicator Measures - Renamed from KPI.

Improved License Calculations

  • Added Blocked vs Enabled dimension
  • Added Blocked Date