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tyGraph Pulse - Dev Blog

Welcome to the tyGraph Pulse Dev Blog!


March 2022

In this release we incorporated the latest improvements in our User License backbone to the tyGraph Pulse product. This supports a clear baseline of recruitable users on your various platforms. A strong understanding of users by license is critical for Adoption Change Management initiatives where we are looking for users in the absence of activity. We hope this will help you identify previously unknown opportunities to engage with users on the fringes of your organization.

New Pages

  • Microsoft 365 Enablement. -Make the most of your licenses and identify the biggest areas of opportunity for your next adoption campaign.
  • Microsoft 365 Product Adoption

UX Improvements

  • Added Version Experience
  • New Information Links
  • Faster User Adoption Calculation

New Calculations

Added New Time Intelligence Measures

  • Percent Change (% Change)
  • Month Over Month - Compares last full month to the full month prior.
  • Indicator Measures - Renamed from KPI.

Improved License Calculations

  • Added Blocked vs Enabled dimension
  • Added Blocked Date