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tyGraph for Yammer - Dev Blog

Welcome to the tyGraph for Yammer Dev Blog!

Here we list incremental changes but you can find a complete outline of each report page in our Report Guide.


July 2022

Though the report layouts are unchanged for this release, under the hood this version is incredibly more powerful. In this release we focused on performance improvements and setting ourselves for some really exciting new signals. If you want to try this early download the preview model here.

Faster Engine Processing

This update supports much more efficient data processing within the tyGraph Engine. This could shave as much as 35% of the time it take for us to get data across your organization, leading to more timely insights on fast changing campaigns.

Less Memory Consumption

As datasets grow we wanted to allow you to include more data without the cost. This new design will mean that your Power BI model will use less space. If you're using a premium capacity just to support a large model size you may no longer need that anymore.

Faster Calculations

Optimized the table structure for calculating metrics. This will lead to visuals and calculations that return 20% faster on average.

Forward Looking Design

This update puts us on a better footing for new signals that we plan to add in Q4 2022 and beyond. More details to come!

M365 Audit Integration

This report will use Audit data for Customers who have given tyGraph Permission to API's beyond Yammer. There is an attribute which we set "Yammer Activity Audit Switch Date" Min Date where we start seeing audit data. 

This affects file downloads and file views.

March 2022

Version 41 - This update we expanded user extension attribute support and optimized several calculations.

New User Extension Table.

Organizations that leverage Extension Attributes will now see them listed for each user within the attribute name and value area.