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Fix "Uncertified visuals from AppSource"

Some tyGraph reports use the Network Navigator Chart data visualization from Microsoft. Despite being a Microsoft visual it is not certified. If your tenant does not allow uncertified visuals the Network Navigator Chart will break and the following error message will be displayed:

Uncertified visuals from AppSource, or added from a file, are not available due to your admin settings, unless the visual was added by the admin to the "My organization" page.

Your admin can confirm the settings in the Power BI Admin portal at See Power BI visuals > Add and user certified visuals only (block uncertified).

The Network Navigator Chart can be added to your tenant through Power BI Admin portal at

  1. Click Add visual
  2. Select From AppSource
  3. Search for "Network Navigator Chart"
  4. Click Network Navigator Chart
  5. Click Add

    The Network Navigator Chart will show as installed and allowed for use with the tyGraph reports.