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What Power BI license is required for tyGraph?

Power BI Pro ("Pro") or higher * is needed for a proper tyGraph setup. Pro allows a single Power BI workspace per report that can be shared and used by everyone with a Pro license in the organization. This simplifies the management of the tyGraph solutions and ensures prompt data refreshes with consistent reporting values. 

Although we don't support this, running tyGraph with Power BI Free ("Free") is possible but not recommended. Free requires each tyGraph user to install, configure and maintain their copy of the tyGraph report within their personal Power BI workspace. These technical activities may be beyond most users' comfort level. With each user supporting their own tyGraph reports the concurrent refresh times will cause resource contention on the reporting database that could cause errors and lead to slower refresh times. Another consequence is the risk of inconsistent data in the reports because of refresh failures, customizations to reports or missing tyGraph updates. 

Our recommendation is to ensure that all tyGraph users are using Power BI Pro or higher. If Power BI is an obstacle for your organization, please let us know so we can decide if your requirements can be met using alternative approaches such as the tyGraph Pages web part

* Power BI Premium comes in two flavors Per user and Per capacity. Premium workspaces can provide additional capacity to store larger datasets, supporting longer report periods (duration) on select tyGraph apps, while optimizing refresh and report performance. Both options can help simplify licensing requirements for tyGraph but do come with additional costs. See Power BI pricing.

Power BI LicenseFreeProPremium Per UserPremium Capacity
tyGraph Possible?
Collaborate with Other Pro Users 
Distribute to Free Users

Unlimited Dataset Size (Greater than 1GB)

Use Case
Bare minimum consumptional users.
General Users, Administrators.
General users who want to host very large datasets but not share them broadly
Organizations who want to share apps to free viewers.
Example tyGraph for Site Owners.
License Distribution for Typical tyGraph Deployment
3 -10

Licensed Users

Licensed Users