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Duplicate Report Bars shown with tyGraph Pages


With tyGraph Pages, you might see duplicate Report Bars when activated.

Duplicate Report Bars shown with tyGraph Pages


This can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Multiple packages installed - the tyGraphPagesWebPart.sppkg package has been added to a Tenant App Catalog and a Site Collection App Catalog. Remove the instance of the package from the Site Collection App Catalog to resolve the issue. In general, we recommend avoiding the use of Site CollectionApp Catalogs.
  2. Mixed versions of preview and GA packages installed - this can also occur if you have installed the Preview Ring packages without removing the generally available packages. Remove one of the packages from your App Catalog.
  3. Multiple entries in Tenant Wide Extensions - If you have customized the authentication values in Tenant Wide Extension and then uploaded an update of the tyGraphPagesWebParts.sppkg file, you may have a duplicate entry in Tenant Wide Extensions.  Open the Tenant Wide Extensions list in your App Catalog and verify that only one entry shows.  Delete the duplicate that doesn't have any values in the "Web Components" column. 

Tenant Wide Extensions should only have one entry for TyGraphPagesReportPanel.

Additional Considerations

Once you have only one Report Bar showing, if you see an Authentication not configured message, follow these steps.