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Situations Where We Backfill User Attributes

Because we use your own data to segment your user populations the quality of the visualizations in our reports relies on the strength of your data. Whatever the user field is in Active Directory, Workday, or other integrated fields will be what shows in tyGraph with the exception of the following three scenarios:

<No Information>

We will backfill null records for a user with <No Information>. This way you can understand that we have a user record and activity but there was no data for that category. Either they have nothing in AD for the field. Or in the case of Workday/HRIS Microsoft has records for the user but they weren't listed in the source provided by your organization.

<External User>

We backfill external users information with the <External User> attribute if it is null. The reason is because external users get captured by our tool but of course they are rarely listed in Active directory.


If a users information was anonymized by our data protection logic the users PII will be replaced with this value.