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tyGraph Pages - An invalid response was received from the license CDN

After installing the tyGraph Pages Engine you might see the following set of errors in your browser's developer console:

An invalid response was received from the license CDN. - CDN URL - - SyntaxError: 

Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 

The API service returned an error. - This tenant has not been registered with tyGraph Application Insights. Please contact support for assistance. 

Local storage does not currently contain a license.

This error indicates that it cannot retrieve your configuration and license information from the tyGraph Pages CDN.  


This can be caused by one of the following reasons:

You have not completed the tyGraph Pages Registration

Please go to the tyGraph Pages registration site and login with your Azure Active Directory credentials.  Please complete the form and submit it.

Your tenant has not been onboarded yet by tyGraph Support

If you have completed the above registration step, please contact tyGraph Support and request that they complete tyGraph Pages onboarding.  They will complete the onboarding step and you will be ready to use tyGraph Pages.

Other Considerations

If your network environment uses third-party identity providers or cloud firewalls, please also refer to the Network Requirements for tyGraph Pages.