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tyGraph for Yammer Activity Deprecation

Published August 31, 2022

We are reaching out to select tyGraph for Yammer customers with an urgent request.
Microsoft recently made changes to the Yammer Activities endpoint. tyGraph uses endpoints to collect the vital M365 platform data staged in your reports. We were aware of the endpoint changes and preparing to work with our legacy Yammer clients to cutover to a different endpoint in a coordinated effort. A change in the service levels and behavior of the original Activity endpoint as of August 26th has expedited the need to transition our clients to the stable Audit endpoint as soon as possible.

The impacts we are seeing relate specifically to Yammer thread-level activity reporting. Some but not all customers will experience missing thread activity data retroactive to Aug. 26th. We are proactively working to mitigate these issues while we work together to transition your data collection services.


Why are you contacting us?
Your original Yammer sign up did not include MS Graph permissions. To harvest and stage Audit endpoint data from MS Graph we must have this permission in place. It is a simple technical activity to perform the MS Graph approval.


Why do we need to do this now?
We have been experiencing service issues with the legacy endpoint. It is time to transition everyone to the new one. This will help future-proof your investment in tyGraph for Yammer data collection.


What Action to we need to take? 
Customers will be required to update their Yammer app registration. This was the first step you took in signing up for our tyGraph services. This refreshed sign-up will enable the permissions needed to support the technical transition on our side. (Permissions are detailed in our tyGraph Compliance White Paper.)


Who can do this on my team?
You will need a Global Administrator (not Verified Yammer Admin) to complete this remedial sign-up.


How can we complete this activity?
Your Global Administrator can follow the steps in this article: tyGraph for Yammer Sign-up Experience infographic. : Support

The "Prerequisite" settings do not need to be changed. Proceed to Step 1.
The specific steps to follow include Steps #1 through #4 only.
This is strictly limited to completing the MS Graph sign up. (Yammer API sign up is not required.)


What happens if we do not do this immediately?

It is critical that you prioritize this remediation activity to prevent data loss in your tyGraph for Yammer reports and dataset. Yammer thread activity information will be impacted.


We realize that raising this request within your organization can be a challenge. We are here to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Please contact to raise a ticket for additional support.