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Fixing 'List These Users' visual for custom reports prior to Sept 2022 release

The Issue:

Custom, "Saved As", reports prior to the Sept 2022 release may experience a visual breakage in the 'Site Audience' page after upgrading the workspace to the Sept 2022 release. The visual is named 'List These Users'.

When you click on 'List These Users' the visual breaks which can be fixed by the steps in the next section.

How to fix this issue:

1. In Power BI service, go into Edit mode in your custom report.

2.  Then select the broken visual. Expand the 'Visualizations' and 'Fields' pane if they are not expanded. 

3. Under the 'Visualizations' pane, you will see that for the visual rows entries are giving warnings. Just delete them all.


4. Then from the 'Fields' pane expand the 'User' table and from this table drag and drop 'Location Hierarchy' to the rows section under the 'Visualizations' pane with all levels: Country, Province/State, City, User AD Location.

5.  Save the fix and go to the 'Reading View' mode. Now you can see the visual is working as expected.