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tyGraph for Atlas - Installation and Configuration


Important prerequisites

These steps should be completed with the same user ID used to sign up for tyGraph Pages.

Your organizations tyGraph Pages AppInsights Application ID is required to configure the report. See tyGraph Pages - Get an Application Insights Application ID and API Key for more information.

Install and configure the report

From Power BI:

  1. Click Get data.
  2. Click Services, Get.
    Click Get data and then Services, get
  3. Search for Atlas.
  4. Click tyGraph for Atlas.
  5. Click Get It Now.
    Click Get It Now
  6. Click Get it now.
  7. Click Install. The installation process can take up to 15 minutes and there is no on-screen feedback so be sure to refresh your web browser before proceeding.
    Click Install
  8. Click Workspaces.
  9. Search for Atlas.
  10. Click tyGraph for Atlas.
    Click Workspaces, search for Atlas and click tyGraph for Atlas
  11. Click Connect your data.
  12. Enter your AppInsights Application ID.
    Add AppInsights Application ID
  13. Update your Period (days) to suite your needs. Suggest 180 days to start and increase or decrease as is necessary for your reporting requirements and/or to ensure that your report is performant.
    Set Period days
  14. Expand Advanced and ensure that the report is set to automatically refresh.
  15. Click Next.
    Click Next
  16. Ensure that Authentication Method is set to OAuth2.
  17. Click Sign in and connect.
    Authentication method is set to OAuth2
  18. Select the account that was used to sign up for tyGraph Pages.
    Select you target account
  19.  The dataset will continue to refresh until completion. Take note of the progress indicator.
    Dataset refresh
  20. After the refresh has completed, click Close to the Update the app to apply and changes to this workspace. This step is not necessary at this time.
    Close update app

Securing the report

See Adding Users to Power BI Workspace to extend access to the tyGraph for Atlas report.